Net Worth – September 14, 2020 | I don’t feel anything

The past month had been rough. A relative passed away, so did one of my favorite beloved youtubers (LC). I wasn’t close to our relative and I never got to meet LC, but both of them were huge influences in making me become a more generous person.

Their passing strengthened my determination to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, but some days I still go, fuck the future, we’re all going to die soon, I should spend all my money. I’m able to snap out of it by reminding myself of one of my financial independence objectives: to be one less person for other people to worry about, at least financially.

I hope you are in better spirits.

Net Worth Update

September 14, 2020

₱ 954,456.46
(Liquid Asset: ₱ 195,994.80)

Net Worth Table

September 2020August 2020
(Last Month)
Cash (Wallet)8,800.001,400.00
Cash (E-Wallet)446.25825.70
Cash (Bank)130,181.50175,507.74
Investments (Stocks/UITF)56,567.4041,660.73
Condo (List Price ÷ 2)1,303,500.001,303,500.00
Condo Mortgage ÷ 2(545,029.34)(553,802.45)
Credit Card(0.00)(0.00)
NET WORTH (Sept. 14, 2020)₱ 954,465.46₱ 969,091.72
Dual Income No Kids | This net worth computation is solely mine (i.e., does not include my husband’s assets). The list price of the condo and the outstanding balance of the mortgage are my half of the property.

Net worth decreased by ₱ 14,626.26 (-1.5%).


Excluding money invested, the following is the allocation of my cash outflow this cutoff:

  1. 63% – younger sibling’s laptop, parents’ home repair (now evolved into a home renovation), and funeral gift
  2. 12% – shopping. I had forgotten about a custom-made ring I commissioned several months ago until the jewelsmith messaged me that it was ready for pickup. I also repurchased skincare items and bought 2 workout leggings (my waist is getting smaller!)
  3. 18% – bills and utilities (mortgage payment included)
  4. 6% – groceries (food, beverage, and home supplies)
  5. 1% – tip for delivery people (should I classify this as part of the food cost?)

Items 3 and 4 are my half of the household expenses. One of these days, I’ll make a post about how we manage (or don’t manage) money together as a married couple.

Graph from the Money Lover app

I went over my income, but it’s fine.

Wait. Actually… I don’t know if I really feel fine. I don’t feel anything. In my head, it’s just money. This is my default mindset and probably what got me into being in my 30s without a retirement fund started, but I just don’t have the energy to care about it.

Our pantry is fully stocked. The parentals are getting a new roof and kitchen. Siblings and their families are doing ok. Everyone in my immediate family is COVID-19-free. Net worth is still green. I’m not laid off. Right now, that’s enough for me.

PS Do you have expense tracking apps to recommend? I’m using Money Lover, but I want to try other apps. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Net Worth – September 14, 2020 | I don’t feel anything”

  1. Hi J, you’re NW is still looking good! I am also a fan of LC on YouTube because his videos are very entertaining! I can relate to him because I also lived in a shanty area.

    I think this is the purpose of us saving our money. We have a safety net when an emergency arises like someone close to us passed away. Furthermore, don’t be too hard on yourself when you give in to retail therapy, I think that’s normal! In my case, I notice that I’ve been stress eating lately! Maybe because of the pandemic and other things.

    I’m looking forward to your next NW update.

    1. Entertaining and inspiring. I love what he did for his community and how he taught the BNT kids how to make their own money. Gone too soon 🙁

      Thanks Cindy!

  2. I don’t track expenses anymore. I used to back in college when life was simpler. Lol it’s also hard to ask my wife every time she spends money.

    I also felt sad when I heard of the passing of someone I knew, but wasn’t close. Plus all these famous old people passing away.

    Excited for your post about spending as a married couple!

    1. I can count with one hand the number of times I was able to log my expenses for a whole month. Last month was one of those very few times 😂. I did NOT enjoy it at all. I’m tempted to just take a page out of Paula Pant’s book. After paying the bills and setting aside money for investment and savings, I can spend the rest however I want. Seems a lot simpler.

      I just see many people logging expenses and felt like I’m doing something wrong not doing it.

  3. Hey, Che. Sorry for the late reply and condolence on your loss.😔 I feel you in wanting to go ‘fuck this’ at personal finance sometimes. I’m doing OK financially so sometimes it feels like I’m taking on unnecessary stress. But then I remember how my family has helped me to reach this point, and it’s the least I can do for them (especially my mom) to pay it forward.

    I hope you feel better soon.🤗

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