About Me

Since I started working, I’ve always been chill with money. I’m not mindful of my purchases, I forget about money I lend other people, and I make savings plans but fail to follow them.

But I’m not totally clueless about personal finance. I have some knowledge of common investment vehicles like UITFs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Stocks. I know basic money principles and I know what I should do, but now I’m finding myself in my mid-30s with barely any savings. I have equity funds and stocks, but I also have credit card debt.

I decided to set up this website to keep me accountable, mindful, and honest with myself and the state of my finances. I am not an expert. I am neither a financial adviser, economist, nor investment banker, and I have nothing to sell or teach.

I am your typical Type B, non-goal-oriented person who hopes she could still get her finances in order. I don’t have dreams of becoming filthy rich. I just want to live a chill and simple life, without being a financial burden to anyone.

Welcome to my blog.

– Che

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